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Susan Clark - Winner of the Health Journalist of the Year Award

"it is some of the best diagnostic tools in complementary health.......
........kinesiology takes the guesswork out of making a diagnosis and, in my view, should be a compulsory training course for all alternative health practitioners"

Testimonials from our students

"This is an excellent course which is delivered to a very high degree. The many aspects to Kinesiology taught, bring the holistic approach to being a health practitioner together perfectly, as an already Bowen Technique practitioner I have found that Kinesiology has given many benefits to my existing Bowen clients, giving the results that both client and practitioner wish to achieve. Many thanks to Kinesiology UK."   S.McDowall. Bowen Therapist

"Thanks very much for a brilliantly run course. Inspiring, amazing and fantastic, I can't wait to begin treating" Bess Purser - Tisserand Aromatherapist 

"Thank you both so much - the quality and content of the course is terrific. I love this therapy and hope to continue learning with you" R.S. Charity Manager 

"Thank you for an excellent course, one key thing I have learned is..... the ability to incorporate another skill into my homeopathic practice will definitely help me in solving problem cases" Elizabeth Kinsey - Homeopath

"Thank you for teaching a wonderfully fascinating course - can't wait to learn more" M.J. Practitioner 

"I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for teaching me such a fabulously interesting subject.... I finally feel that I have found my "therapy home"....... once again thank you for leading me down this road of learning and discovery" M.Z. Practitioner

"The course was superbly presented with a lot of background information and clear honest interpretation"  A. O'B.  Teacher

" I thought the course was absolutely fascinating...I'm enormously impressed with the power of kinesiology and would strongly recommend this well taught course"     G.D. Research Fellow

"The course and work book were well presented and easy to follow, lots of hands on practice, opportunity to continue the training to Diploma level, support, advice and encouragement from trainers"   S.H. Reiki Practitioner

"As you know I am a medical practitioner by profession. I had the opportunity of learning kinesiology from you and must thank you very much for the very friendly and professional approach in the way you taught us"
P.D.S. Medical Doctor

"Kinesiology is an amazing skill to have, so many people are fascinated by it, how it works and the results it makes"        F.J. Practitioner

"Thank you for making such a complex therapy accessible - I'm blown away by the beauty of these 'unseen' systems.    M.W. Aromatherapist/Reflexologist

"Thank you for a brilliant course, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to the Advanced course in April.    E.H. Reflexologist

" I and my clients have all been taken off guard, surprised, intrigued, amazed, humbled even, and overjoyed by the results and successes that we have experienced"    H. S. - Reflexologist

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful class and all you taught me"    S. W. - Beautician

"the course was excellent, I now combine kinesiology techniques with my acupuncture skills and found it has significantly enhanced the effectiveness of my acupuncture treatments"    C.S. Acupuncturist

I've really enjoyed this course, thank you very much"
    L. H. - Sports Therapist

"The point tapping techniques learned during the course have been used to great effect"    F.T. - Hypnotherapist

"the course exceeded my expectations, ..... I found the course fascinating and challenging"    H. C. - Estate Agent

"really enjoyed the course, thought it was presented in a very understandable way"    A. L. - Graduate

"We have all thoroughly enjoyed our kinesiology course. you have shown such knowledge and enthusiasm for the therapy it has rubbed off on all of us"    Buxton Course - Derbyshire 

"I can't tell you how much I love kinesiology and sharing it with so many people......... customers are coming back smiling, feeling better and telling friends to come, thank you"        J. B. - Health Food retailer

"really enjoyed the course, thanks."             F. T. - Martial Arts Tutor

"Thank you for opening my eyes to a very new world"    E. D. - Dentist

"thank you for all that you taught me, it was extremely interesting and the course very enjoyable"    C. K. - Beautician

"Kinesiology - the ultimate in energy medicine"    B. K. - Reiki Master