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Practitioner Certificate in Kinesiology

Designed to give students a sound and practical approach to pure kinesiology. No specialist knowledge is required to enrol on this course and this makes it an ideal course for those wishing to commence a career in complementary health. For those with knowledge and qualified in other complementary  disciplines this course gives you an invaluable tool for assisting in the healthcare of existing clients and enables a widening of potential client opportunity.

From day one you will learn and be able to use the simple and exciting techniques on family, friends and clients. On successful completion of this course you will be qualified to treat people for a fee.

Recognised Course:
This course is recognised by;
The Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) for 30 Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points.

The Practitioner Certificate is a preparatory requirement for the Advanced Practitioner Certificate and towards the Diploma in Professional Kinesiology.

Pre Requisites:
No prior learning required for this course

Recommended guided learning hours:
56 hours and consisting of 4 modules usually held over 4 weekends

Subjects covered include:
                                        History of Kinesiology
                                        22 Muscle tests and corrections
                                        Structural tests and corrections
                                        Nutritional Testing
                                        Food Sensitivity Testing
                                        Tests for dehydration
                                        Surrogate Testing
                                        Personal Development
                                        Brain Gym Integration
                                        Mental Fatigue
                                        Emotional Stress Release
                                        Adrenal Stress Resolution
                                        Resolving Fears and Phobias
                                        Introduction to 5 Element Theory
                                        Pain Relief techniques
                                        Figure of Eight energies
                                        Learn 50 different techniques

Assessment consists of 24 treatment studies, written assignments and classroom observation

Course Fee:
Full details including payment by installments are available on request.

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