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Advanced Practitioner Certificate
 in Kinesiology

This course is designed for those who have already been awarded the Practitioner Certificate in Kinesiology to bring their training up to the foundation level required by the National Occupational Standards which were approved in April 2003. The advanced Practitioner certificate is a pre-requisite for the Diploma in Professional Kinesiology.

Pre Requisites:
Practitioner Certificate in Kinesiology or equivalent

Guided learning hours:
28 hours and consisting of 2 modules usually held over 2 weekends

Subjects covered include:
                                        24 Muscle tests and corrections
                                        Origin, Insertion and Golgi tendon techniques
                                        Reactive muscles
                                        Chronic and recent pain relief techniques
                                        Meridian reversal
                                        Luo (junction) Points
                                        Alarm Points
                                        Sedation techniques
                                        Wheel Energy flows
                                        Time of Day balance
                                        Postural Analysis
                                        Postural Stress Release
                                        Facilitation and Inhibition
                                        Finger Modes
                                        Fixations (spinal reflexes)
                                        Thymus Tapping
Assessment consists of 12 treatments and observed practice in the classroom.

Course Fee:
Full details including payment by installments are available on request.

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